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Vaser liposuction in Turkey

The Full Guide to Vaser Liposuction Operation in Turkey Istanbul

Many people are unhappy with their body shape because of the extra fat accumulated in many areas, which a special diet or physical exercise cannot eliminate.

Nowadays, this problem is no longer impossible to be resolved. The body Liposuction procedure can improve body shape and make it more attractive.

Vaser liposuction in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is vaser liposuction and what is it used for?

-What is cellulite and wehat is it about?

-The diffrence between regular liposction and Vaser liposuction.

-Why you should undergo a vaser liposuction procedure.

-The benfits from a vaser liposuction procedure.

-How to prepare for a liposcution procedure.

-What you should be expecting after a vaser liposuction procedure.

-Some possible risks during a vaser liposuction procedure.

-Who is eligiable for a vaser liposuction?

-The costs of vaser liposuction in Turkey?

-Why you should choose Turkey's best clinics for your vaser liposuction procedure.


Vaser Liposuction in Turkey 00905538908232
Vaser Liposuction in Turkey 00905538908232

What is a vaser liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a form of liposuction. Liposuction is the operation in which fat cells are broken down and sucked out of the patients’ body. A vaser liposuction is a liposuction operation that is performed with the use of ultra sound technology to help break the fat cells. Breaking the fat cells and loosening them, to allow for them to be easily sucked out of the body. Removing fat much more conveniently than a regular liposuction would. Allowing for more effective removal of the fat cells, causing less work for the surgeon like a regular liposuction would. 

A vaser liposuction is not a weight loss method. It is used for sculpting areas of the body by removing small pockets of fat. 

Liposuction Operation in Turkey 00905538908232
Liposuction Operation in Turkey 00905538908232

What is cellulite? 

As fat cells increase, they push up against the skin. Tough, long connective cords pulling down creates an uneven surface or dimpling, often referred to as cellulite. Cellulite is a very common, harmless skin condition that causes lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Which if desired can be removed by liposuction.

Liposuction Concept 00905538908232
Liposuction Concept 00905538908232

What is the difference between a vaser liposuction and a regular liposuction?

The differences between a vaser liposuction and a traditional liposuction are many. The main differences being time and effort it takes the surgeon to perform, amount of fat that’s sucked out, and the method that’s used to break up the fat cells. 

Traditional Liposuction Fat Removal Methods

One of the techniques of traditional liposuction, starts with an incision on the area that is to be treated. Inserting a small tube like object called the cannula. With it the surgeon will move it back and forth to break up the fat cells. Then later be suctioned out by a vacuum device into a flask. Another method called tumescent liposuction, starts with the surgeon injecting a solution made from anesthesia, salt solution and drugs to help reduce blood loss. 

These methods create hollow tunnels in the areas where the fat was removed, due to the cannula moving back and forth. This will require you wear a corset or a compression garment to allow for those tunnels to collapse and begin the healing process. This will require you to wear the compression garment for a few weeks. With the added effect of having to experience some pain, and soreness that will be gone after a few weeks, and some inflammation that will remain for a period of 3 weeks to 1 month. 

Vaser Liposuction Fat Removal Methods

Vaser liposuction operation starts by the surgeon injecting the patient with a saline solution and a local anesthetic to minimize bruising and blood loss during the operation, and making the breakdown of the fat cells easier. After that the surgeon will get a probe that will transmit ultrasound energy breaking up the fat cells in a soft and gentle manner.

The energy transmitted from the probe will loosen the fat cells turn them into a fluid. Unlike traditional liposuction this method causes less damage to the tissue around the fat, and minimizing any trauma to the area that’s affected due to not having to use a cannula to break down the fat cells. After that the liquefied fat will be suctioned out of the body with minimal damage done to the tissue. This operation doesn’t require you to go under general anesthesia like a traditional liposuction.

Amount of fat removed in regular liposuction

Traditional liposuction removes a significantly bigger amount of fat than vaser liposuction. Making it the best choice for those looking to remove a larger amount of fat. As there more limitations that could be removed in a single vaser liposuction session. With the limitations of a traditional liposuction being much higher. Traditional liposuction is much more trusted with dealing with higher amounts of fat, not having to undergo multiple vaser operations to remove a large amount of fat, when one traditional liposuction operation would be enough.

Amount of fat removed in vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction removes much less fat than a traditional liposuction. But a vaser liposuction is perfect for those with smaller amounts of fats on their bodies. Vaser liposuction allows the best method for body sculpting. Allowing the surgeon to use it to sculpt many different parts of the body in the same session. Treating multiple areas at once. 

6-pack liposuction 00905538908232
6-pack liposuction 00905538908232

Why should I do a vaser liposuction in Turkey?

Turkey offers one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the world. Offering great quality in both surgery and aftercare. At a much lower price than some other countries in Europe. And allowing you to enjoy the great culture and attractions before your operation or after. Turning what would be a tedious and boring recovery home, to a great experience with all that turkey has to offer. From unique historical sites and museums to its bustling streets and delicious foods.

Allowing you to have fun and enjoy your time while recovering, instead of having to stay home in get boredom.

What are the benefits of having a vaser liposuction in Turkey?

A vaser liposuction would greatly benefit you if you have stubborn fat that isn’t going away with exercise or diet. Allowing the removal of these fats whether they are on your abdomen, hips or waist. A vaser liposuction will greatly enhance the look of your body, as a vaser liposuction is the best at body sculpting, and spot reducing many areas at once.  

Giving your body a more youthful look and tight look. And getting rid of any insecurities it could be causing you. 

liposuction for gynecomastia 00905538908232
liposuction for gynecomastia 00905538908232

What makes me a good candidate for a vaser liposuction in Turkey?

For you to be a viable candidate you must be at a healthy body weight, and to be of good health as, and to not have any underlying medical issues as that could negatively impact the operation and increase risks.

It would also prove very beneficial and even necessary to quit any habits of smoking or drinking, or at least put a temporary on any smoking or drinking habits that you might have.  As that could negatively affect your after surgery recovery or even during surgery.

And to see your eligibility for travelling to turkey, you should contact us at our firm, our employees will give you an accurate and detailed explanation, making  sure you  fully understand what you need to do and what goes on in determining your trip to Turkey.

Liposuction Process
Liposuction Process

How should I prepare for a vaser liposuction in Turkey?

Regarding the operation it will be for the best if you lessen or completely eliminate any consumption of smoking and drinking alcohol for about 1 to 2 months before the operation date, and to completely cut off any alcohol intake or smoking one week before the operation date. Avoid taking any Blood thinning medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the possibility of excessive bleeding during the operation 8 hours before the operation you want to avoid eating or drinking anything.

A vaser liposuction is not a weight loss operation .It will be necessary to start losing some weight if you are not at a healthy or near-ideal bodyweight. As the operation will require you to be at a healthy weight. Because having too much fat around the areas you want to treat, will become difficult for the surgeon, making it hard and impossible to perform a proper vaser liposuction. 

And for your preparation for coming to turkey you need to make sure to bring some comfortable and easy to remove/put on clothing. As the treated area will be sensitive after the operation. And to make sure to bring a good amount as your stay could take a bit of time.

Best Clinics for Liposuction in Turkey
Best Clinics for Liposuction in Turkey

What should I be expecting through Vaser Liposuction Procedure?

You will experience some little discomfort after the operation, and some swelling that will occur in the affected areas. The discomfort won’t last more than a week and the swelling will disappear after 1 to 2 weeks.

Patients will be instructed to relax and take it easy, but bed rest will not be a necessary requirement. In fact, it is preferred   that you move around a little, like walking for example. You may eat anything you want right after surgery, but make sure you are eating nutritious foods to help with recovery. 

A vaser liposuction is a minimally invasive operation not requiring any special care after the surgery, you won’t need to worry about having to do any bandage care or such.

You can shower right after the operation or the day after.

It will take 1-2 months to see the results, depending on your recovery speed it could take a bit longer.

What are some possible complications after a vaser liposuction procedure?

A vaser liposuction has a much lower rate of complications rising, and a much less severity in complications occurring, compared to a traditional liposuction.

Some possible complications are:

Bruising or bleeding

It is normal to experience some slight bleeding and bruising. Taking blood thinning and anti-inflammatory drugs could increase the rate of bleeding, so it is best if you refrain from taking any. If the bleeding persists please consult your doctor. 

Pain and discomfort

Some pain discomfort will occur after the surgery, although in a vaser liposuction the pain and discomfort will be much more manageable than a traditional liposuction. The pain and discomfort will go away in about a week’s time.


You will experience some swelling after the operation, this shouldn’t worry you as that is completely normal. The swelling will stay for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. You can help in getting rid of this swelling and healing faster by wearing a corset or compression garment. After the swelling goes down completely you will finally get to see your results

Liposuction Results:

The time to see results may vary between person to person, but you should be expecting to see results in 1-3 months. Following the doctor’s instructions and resting appropriately is sure to get you seeing your results sooner. 

Although liposuction results are permanent, you should still pay attention to your diet and exercise regularly to maintain your results.

How Long do the Results of Liposuction in Turkey Last?

Liposuction is permanent, but you can still gain weight to offset its affects, so its best to monitor diet and exercise after a liposuction operation.

Who is the best candidate for Liposuction in Turkey?

As mentioned before liposuction is not a weight reducing surgery so you need to have a near ideal body weight. Some Other factors also come into play in what makes you viable for liposuction. 

Ideally you need firm skin and no underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, a weak immune system. As well as being a non-smoker, as smoking could negatively affect the recovery period.

What are the costs of  vaser liposuction in turkey?

Vaser liposuctions can cost a bit more than a traditional liposuction due to the technology that is used during the operation. That is a small price to pay for a much easier recovery. And  less chances of severe risks occurring after the operation.

Giving an exact price is a difficult matter, as there are factors that are involved in making out the price the price. Hotel stay, plane ticket, operation costs, etc.  We can give a general estimation of between 3000 $ and  4000$. 

For more informative and accurate pricing, please contact us at our firm and discuss the  details with one of our employees via texting or phone call.

Why Choose One of Turkey-Best-Clinics’ top Liposuction Surgeons?

Turkey-Best-Clinic's team of highly specialized plastic and cosmetic surgeons is dedicated to improving the appearance of patients in Turkey and all over the world. Our surgeons have accomplished the highest level of education and extensive training to carry out proper cosmetic procedures. Given their years of experience, they know that patients will feel a little nervous and have many questions during their initial consultation. For this reason, the entire Turkey-Best-Clinics staff will tell you what to expect, answer your questions, and ensure that you leave with appropriate aftercare instructions for satisfactory results. Coordinators, nurse practitioners and licensed post-operative massage therapists will make you feel comfortable from the moment you begin treatment through to your post-treatment care.

All clinics we work with are from the latest and largest plastic surgery facilities within Turkey - Istanbul. The centers are equipped with innovative technology and a newly renovated recovery room that gives patients the comfort of not feeling 'rushed-out' after surgery.


Before and after photos of operations

Vaser liposuction in Turkey


Is plastic surgery good in Turkey?

Turkey offers some of the best surgeons and plastic surgeons around. With great hospitality and care from medical staff and such.

How much weight can you lose with liposuction?

You will lose between 1- 2.5 kilos (2-5 pounds) depending on what type of liposuction you choose.

What are Turkish hospitals like?

Turkish hospitals are very professional and high in quality. Having top medical Universities, thus having an abundance of many great doctors and nurses.

Is liposuction cheaper in Turkey?

Liposuction and other plastic operations are generally cheaper than other countries in Europe. It is especially cheaper for foreigners who come from outside of Turkey.

Will Liposuction make my stomach flat?

Liposuction can reduce belly fat and slim your stomach if you only have a minimal deposit of stubborn fat, and not a large amount.

Does skin tighten after liposuction?

The skin tightens after the operation, the time of it tightening is dependent on the patient’s skin elasticity and tightness before the operation.

How painful is a liposuction?

Liposuction operations normally are not painful, while only having pain and discomfort after the surgery. Which will usually go away in 1-2 weeks depending on the operation.

How long does Liposuction last?

Liposuction is permanent, but you can still gain weight to offset its affects, so its best to monitor diet and exercise after a liposuction operation.

How painful is liposuction recovery?

After the operation you should expect some mild pain and soreness, the doctors will give you medicine to help deal with any pain.

Can I fly after liposuction?

You can fly after 2-3 days, although any type of travels are not recommended due to the risk of getting blood clots in the legs. And or disruption of recovery. So it is best to take it slow and heal.

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