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Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

The Full Guide to Gastric Bypass Operation in Turkey Istanbul

If you are obese, you must have heard about a gastric bypass procedure as one of the processes used in bariatric treatment, what is the process of gastric bypass and how it is done, we will get to know all of this together in this article.

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey

Table of contents:

1-What is the process of a gastric bypass.

2-are there conditions for a gastric bypass.

3-Steps for a gastric bypass.

4-Expected resualts.

5-Post gastric bypass recommendations.

Gastric Bypass in Turkey - Istanbul
Gastric Bypass in Turkey - Istanbul

What is the process of gastric bypass in Turkey?

It is a weight loss surgery by reducing the amount of food that can be taken as well as the hormonal effect by reducing hunger hormones and increasing the level of satiety hormones.

This is one of the most efficient on the level of weight loss outcomes and in the continuation of these results for a long time compared to other surgical procedures.

This is done by cutting off a small part of the stomach and connecting it directly to the middle of the small intestine.

Lose up to 70% of your weight!
Lose up to 70% of your weight!

Are there conditions for gastric bypass?

Not everyone who is obese is a candidate for a gastric bypass, there are some conditions to be evaluated:

- The person must be obese, i.e. his BMI is more than 40kg/m2.

- The appearance of a serious complication of obesity such as blood pressure, heart disease or sleep disorders.

- If the BMI is between 30-35 kg/m2 in conjunction with the difficulty of controlling sugar levels.

At Best Clinics for Obesity treatment in Turkey, the patient's condition is thoroughly assessed by an integrated and specialized medical team to choose the most appropriate treatment procedure.

After taking into account the above conditions, the patient's medical and psychological condition is assessed and his expectations and concerns about the process of gastric bypass are discussed.

Steps in the process of gastric bypass in Turkey

- Perform full anesthesia for the patient.

- Make several incisions in the abdominal area up to 3 cm in diameter to insert surgical instruments through it.

- Insert a camera into the abdomen to monitor the operation through an external screen.

- Make a Cut in the stomach, isolate part of it and retain the smallest part that will be able to absorb only a limited amount of food later.

- Another cut is made in the small intestine and the remaining part of the stomach is connected with it. So that food passes directly from the stomach to the center of the intestine.

Turkey Best Clinics - Gastric Bypass
Turkey Best Clinics - Gastric Bypass

Expected results after gastric bypass:

Gastric bypass is known to be the most effective compared to other bariatric treatment procedures, where weight loss can reach 60% within just two years of the procedure. They are also characterized by long-lasting results.

The most important benefit of gastric bypass is the prevention of health complications of obesity such as:

- Heart disease and blood pressure

- Sleep and snoring disorders

- High cholesterol and the occurrence of clots

In addition, The great psychological impact through the elimination of negative feelings towards the body and the retaining of self-confidence.

Post-gastric bypass recommendations:

There is no doubt that a rapid drop in weight after the operation may be accompanied by some side effects such as dry skin, body pain and general fatigue. But these symptoms gradually disappear through supplements and vitamins prescribed by your doctor.

The procedure depends on the use of the endoscope through small incisions, which reduces the sequels of the operation and reduces the time needed to heal. After the operation, you need some time to stay in the hospital, but you may be able to return to normal life within a few weeks.

It is important to adhere to the diet that your doctor decides after the operation to avoid any collateral damage. Doctors often recommend taking supplements daily in case of gastric bypass operation to avoid malnutrition, the most important of which are calcium, iron, vitamin D, C, b12.

Deciding to undergo a surgical procedure such as gastric bypass is certainly not easy, but at Best Clinics in Turkey, we offer the finest medical services through a distinguished group of doctors and specialists using the latest methods and techniques. We do not hesitate to provide any consultations or services that can ensure the patient's confidence and comfort during the course of his treatment at competitive prices. So, if you are considering bariatric treatment, Best Clinics are your first choice.

Before and after photos of operations

Gastric Bypass Surgery in Turkey


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