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Vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey

The full guide to vaginal cosmetic surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is vaginal plastic surgery and what is it for?

-The methods and mechanisms of which vaginal plastic surgery is performed through.


What is vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey?

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to treat defects that can be found in the vaginal area and improves the shape of this area by eliminating the skin sagging in it.

Therefore, vaginal cosmetic surgery has health purposes such as operations that expand or narrow the vagina to suit its function and cosmetic purposes that care about the external shape and appearance. This procedure is performed at Best clinics in Turkey with different techniques to suit the purpose of this procedure.

What are the mechanisms for vaginal surgery?

The methods of performing vaginal surgery for women vary according to needs and expectations, the most important of which are:

- Surgical vaginal beautification: it relies on surgical incisions to treat or beautify vaginal problems, but despite its possible surgical complications, it is characterized by a high level of success and great effectiveness in vaginal beautification, in addition to continuing its results for a longer period than other methods.

Surgical vaginal surgery:

- Since this procedure is surgical it requires opening incisions in the area of the operation, though work should be done to fully and thoroughly assess the patient's health condition to avoid any complications during or after the operation.

- If a surgical procedure is decided, the area of the operation should be sterilized thoroughly to avoid infection or contamination.

- Depending on the diagnosis of the condition and the expected duration of the operation, the type of anesthesia is determined either complete or partial.

- Surgical incisions are made according to the site and shape to be beautified.

- Sagging skin is tightened in the vaginal area and performs the appropriate cosmetic procedure which may include fat injections or liposuction, and the enlargement or narrowing of the vaginal opening.

- The incisions are strictly closed so as not to leave traces after the operation and put the appropriate medical bandages to finish the operation.

- Vaginal plasticization using non-surgical methods:

Some women prefer vaginal plastic process without resorting to surgical methods to avoid complications such as bleeding from incisions or infection transmission.

The most prominent non-surgical methods include:

Laser vaginal beautification, which is done through the following steps:

1. The patient's condition is assessed and the problem is diagnosed, and it is also important at this stage to listen to the patient's concerns and expectations of the operation to make sure that the most appropriate treatment technique is chosen.

2. Non-surgical methods are known to be long-term, so you may need to undergo several sessions until the desired result is reached.

3. Local anesthesia is enough due to the simplicity of the procedure.

4- Lasers are focused on the area to be beautified as lasers eliminate skin sagging and damaged tissues and stimulate collagen production.

5. The flow of lasers is stopped while ensuring that the desired shape is reached.

A laser session does not take much time compared to surgical procedures as it often ends in less than an hour, nor does it require a long recovery period as the patient can return to daily activities within a few days after the operation. Laser vaginal plasticization is a safe operation that does not result in side effects or serious complications.

Best Clinics in Turkey have all the techniques used to perform vaginal and non-surgical vaginal plasticization, which are performed following international safety standards and using the latest tools and equipment to ensure the best result is achieved using the most appropriate method. Our clinics also ensure that each case is kept private and provides an atmosphere of trust and comfort by providing all necessary services during the patient's medical stay in Turkey at competitive prices.

Before and after photos of operations

Vaginal plastic surgery in Turkey


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