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Fox eyes in Turkey

The Full Guide to Fox Eyes and Thread Lift in Turkey Istanbul

A fox eye lift is a surgical procedure that physically modifies the shape of your eye rather than using makeup to achieve the look of a cat-eye. The name derives from the fact that the procedure is designed to resemble fox eyes. Although makeup may often provide a comparable look, the results of a fox eye lift are more long-lasting. It is a painless surgery with a short recovery period.

Fox eyes in Turkey

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Thread Lift in Turkey Before and After
Thread Lift in Turkey Before and After

Fox Eyes - Cat Eyes - Bella Eyes in Turkey
Fox Eyes - Cat Eyes - Bella Eyes in Turkey

What is a thread lift / fox eyes surgery?

When doing a thread lift, temporary sutures are utilized to create a slight but noticeable "lift" in the skin. The cosmetic surgeon suspends the patient's sagging facial skin with sutures rather than surgically removing it. This has the effects of elevating and tightening your face by slightly drawing the skin back. Threads are excellent for elevating the skin, but they also work to delay the aging process by inducing the body's "healing response" and directing massive amounts of collagen to the treated areas.

This is significant since collagen is essential in the aging process.

The "growth factors" that have a significant impact on the health of our skin are supported by collagen. Collagen aids in wound healing in addition to maintaining the strength, volume, and suppleness of our skin.

Our bodies continually create fewer and fewer collagen as we age, which results in an 80% drop in skin pigment by the time we reach the age of 70. The development of extra skin and wrinkles is significantly influenced by this decrease in thickness and strength.

Gravity pushes the skin downward and strains it as a result of the skin losing its ability to effectively support the tissue beneath it as it becomes weaker. When skin laxity symptoms are still minor, injecting the face's skin with new collagen can help to both lessen looseness by thickening and moisturizing the skin, and stopping it from becoming more loose and strengthening the skin.

In other words, the facial tissues are continually and gradually rejuvenated by this procedure. Patients who receive a thread lift to encourage collagen will gradually see an improvement in the firmness and tone of their skin. The body's healing reaction will be active continuously while the sutures are in place since the body will seek to repair and heal the sutured regions and remove the sutures. When the body detects any foreign thing in the skin, it is biologically programmed to respond in this way.

Fortunately, the patient won't feel anything occurring because the threads inserted beneath the skin during a thread lift are very tiny. Once the skin around their sutures has healed, the majority of patients can barely feel them at all.

Thread Lift in Istanbul
Thread Lift in Istanbul

What are the benefits of a thread lift (fox eyes)?

Increases collagen production in your body

Your body begins creating collagen in these locations as part of its normal healing process after the threads are inserted into your skin. A protein known as collagen serves as a structural component for the skin, as well as the bones, hair, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Collagen maintains the skin's youthful plumpness and can help prevent aging symptoms like wrinkles and sagging, drooping skin.

enhancing your skin's texture

Your skin feels and looks better thanks to the thread lifting's improved collagen production. In order to eliminate dryness and rough textures, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and promote skin hydration, collagen can raise the density of your skin.

Improves skin laxity

Because of its ability to plump the skin and lessen sagging and drooping, a thread lift is comparable to other skin-tightening procedures like dermal fillers. Skin laxity is frequently decreased due to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin, but thread lifting acts as a skin-lifting procedure to restore plumpness and give your face a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Gets rid of wrinkles

One of the most prevalent indications of aging that people want to lessen through a variety of anti-aging therapies are fine lines and wrinkles. In order to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, thread lifting can help heal and moisturize the skin. Additionally, thread lifting can plump the skin and make it fill out, making wrinkles and fine lines much less obvious.

Produces Results That Last for a long time

Unlike thread lifting, which can generate results that last up to three years or longer, injectable and dermal fillers often only create benefits that last a few months to a year. Given that the threads are absorbed by the body within six months, some patients elect to have thread lifts on a regular basis to prolong their results and preserve a young appearance eternally. By adopting good living habits like drinking lots of water, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, and getting enough beauty sleep each night, the effects of thread lifting can frequently be prolonged.

Best Cosmetic Clinic in Turkey
Best Cosmetic Clinic in Turkey

What makes me a candidate for a thread lift/fox eyes procedure in Turkey?

People who are somewhat or visibly aging or who are undergoing early facial aging are typically the greatest candidates for this treatment. These symptoms can include small lines and wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and chin as well as mild to severe skin laxity, especially in the mid-face. Candidates for this treatment are often between the ages of 30 and 55.

The final decision regarding who qualifies for this treatment will be made through consultation. During this initial appointment, our skin specialists will inspect your skin to determine whether a thread lift procedure is a suitable cosmetic remedy for your worries about your appearance.

What are the types of threads used in thread lift / fox eyes procedures?


PDO threads are the most common type of threads used in thread lift procedures. 

Flexible and long-lasting polydioxanone is the main component of absorbable surgical sutures. The FDA has safely approved its use in helping to close wounds for more than 20 years.

Following insertion, PDO threads encourage the creation of new collagen, which helps tighten and tone the area where the threads were placed. The new collagen is left behind after the threads are eventually absorbed by the body.

The three textures that are employed in thread lifts—mono, cog, and screw—each have their own advantages.


For people who desire simply minor lifting and skin tightening, this is a viable option. Since mono threads are entirely smooth, they require an anchor point to provide the necessary lift for the skin.

They are frequently placed in a mesh-like pattern to ensure that the desired skin is tightened to the fullest. For each location, anywhere between 10 and 30 threads can be used to create this look.


The usage of cog threads may be recommended for those seeking a more considerable lift. Because cog threads are barbed, they provide support for sagging skin tissue and boost collagen production.

Barbs that hook beneath the skin give threads a pre-existing anchor point and add to skin tightening.


To enhance results, one or two threads are entangled around the insertion needle. The targeted area can receive more volume thanks to screw threads. To assist create a V-shaped face, they work best when used to reverse sunken parts of the skin.

Thread lift in Istanbul Before and After
Thread lift in Istanbul Before and After

Possible risks from thread lift/ Fox eyes surgery:

The low danger of thread lifts is a result of their little invasiveness. After a thread lift, there is almost little chance of scarring, significant bruising, bleeding, or other problems. Rarely, individuals may have itchiness, infection, or the appearance of their sutures under the skin. But if this happens, the sutures may just be taken out, and the patient's face will go back to way it was.

What are the prices of a thread lift / fox eyes procedure in turkey?

The average cost of a thread lift procedure in Turkey is between 1200$and 2500$. However, that does not take into consideration things like your aircraft ticket, hotel reservations, and so forth. Please get in touch with us at our firm by phone or email for a more precise prices.

Why should I choose Best Clinics Turkey (the best clinics in Turkey)?

Best Clinics are the best clinics in Turkey in many respects, the most important of which is the large and wide experience of their doctors, in addition to the latest techniques and tools used by them, as the success rate of dental implants is more than 98%.

However, we provide free consultations and assessment of the situation, in addition to reception services from the airport and hotel reservation services, and we provide a car that accompanies the patient throughout the period of stay in Turkey, accompanied by a translator who is fully fluent in your language and Turkish, which makes your trip to Istanbul a unique and unforgettable experience.

How long do threads lift last?

A thread lift will generally last from one to three years.

Are thread lifts better than fillers?

Threads are an excellent option in correcting certain problem areas, especially if there is some laxity, drooping, or sagging of skin.

Which is better Botox or thread lift?

For clients who are seeking a longer-lasting solution for facial aging, a thread lift is a more appropriate procedure.

How long before you see results from a thread lift?

You will probably see some initial firming and lifting right after your procedure, with your thread lift face results continuing to take shape over the next three weeks or so.

Are you put to sleep in thread lift surgery?

Unlike facelift surgery which uses general anesthesia, thread lift uses local anesthesia where numbing ends in a short time

Thread Lift / Fox Eyes Before and After

Before and after photos of operations

Fox eyes in Turkey


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