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Buttock Augmentation in Turkey

The Full Guide to Butt Augmentation Surgery in Turkey Istanbul

With age, many areas of the body are sagging, especially areas of fat accumulation, such as the buttock area, which suffers a lot of sagging and drooping skin as a result of old age or as a result of sudden weight loss following wrong diets or certain diseases. Whatever the reasons, the sagging shape of the buttock area drives many to perform cosmetic surgery or to enlarge the buttock in reliable medical centers.
Buttock augmentation is one of the operations that has recently spread in Turkey. Especially after the trend of a lot of celebrities to make them. Turkey is the ideal destination for such operations as it provides high-quality medical services in medical clinics, the most important of which are Best Clinics.

Buttock Augmentation in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is a buttock augementation procedure?

-What kind of people are eligiable for a buttock augementation?

-The many methods used in a Butock augementation procedure.

-Before and after images of patients who have undergone a buttock augementation procedure.


Buttock Augmentation in Turkey
Buttock Augmentation in Turkey

What is Buttock Augmentation?

It is one of the procedures that are performed in Turkish medical clinics and aims to improve the shape of the buttock by tightening the skin sagging and performing the process of enlargement and raising the ass using advanced and safe techniques.

This process improves the overall shape of the body and the harmony of its organs and gives a more youthful and graceful appearance.

Buttock Augmentation Results in Turkey
Buttock Augmentation Results in Turkey

Who needs Buttock augmentation in Turkey?

- in case of Decrease size of the buttock in comparison with the size of other organs of the body as a result of weight loss.

- In the case of sagging skin affects the appearance of the area.

- In cases of an imbalance in fat distribution as a result of pregnancy and birth.

Who is the best candidate to Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Turkey?

It is not enough to have one of the previous signs to make the decision to have a buttock surgery, it is a surgery that requires some conditions, the most important of which are:

- The general health condition of the patient should be stable, and there are no diseases that can affect the functioning of the operation, such as cardiovascular diseases.

- Those who wish to perform the procedure require a quantity of fat to be suctioned and re-injected into the required area.

- It is preferable to perform the operation at a relatively young age because the results of the operation are better and the possibility of sagging is lower.

What are the methods for buttock augmentation in Turkey?

There are several forms of beautification of the buttocks including:

- Gluteal lift:

Many women often experience a drop in the butt level resulting from pregnancy and childbirth that affects their aesthetic and feminine appearance. Despite attempts to address this problem with exercise, some cases need to have a stern lift to get rid of the problem.

Steps of the Gluteal lift process:

- Assess the patient's condition and check her health status.

- Perform full anesthesia of the operation.

- The doctor makes incisions in the area to be lifted.

- Through these incisions, the muscles are reattached at a higher level.

- Tightening the skin and removing excess skin.

- Close the incisions and make sure the final shape is consistent.

- The second form of buttock beautification is Gluteoplasty: a procedure that is limited to getting rid of sagging skin and has nothing to do with muscle level or fat intake.

The following steps are done:

- The most appropriate anesthesia method is chosen either complete or localized depending on the amount of sagging.

- Excess skin can be eliminated either by laser through stimulating the production of collagen fibers, which tighten the skin, or surgically by making incisions in the skin to remove it.

- Augmentation:

It is a popular process in Turkey and is carried out by silicone implantation or fat injection (BBL) in areas to be enlarged.

No matter what kind of procedure you need, you should be sure that Best Clinics are the best option if you want to perform the procedure with the latest means and techniques and by a specialized team to produce the best results.

Buttock Augmentation Before and After:

Before and after photos of operations

Buttock Augmentation in Turkey


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