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Dental Crowns in Turkey

The Full Guide to Dental Crowns in Turkey Istanbul

The reasons differ but the desire is one, to have a beautiful and attractive smile which will boost the self-confidence and give a more youthful and beautiful look. This is what we give at Best Dental clinics in Turkey, which are considered the best clinics in this field. With the latest methods and technologies to take care of the appearance and integrity of your teeth to get a shiny and wonderful smile.
One of the most important ways to preserve and beautify teeth is to restore teeth, and in this article, we will address the most important points to know if you want to get prosthodontics in Turkey.

Dental Crowns in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is prosthodontics?

-When do I need to do prosthodontics?

-The types of prosthodontics in Turkey

-What is the importance of prosthodontics?

-What is the cost of prosthodontics in Turkey?

-What are the advantages of prosthodontics in Turkey?

-Dental Crowns in Turkey Istanbul Before and After Gallery


Turkey Best Dental Clinics
Turkey Best Dental Clinics

What is prosthodontics?

It is a reconstructive process designed to restore the shape and function of the natural tooth by using different materials to form what is known as tooth crowns.

Dental crowns can, therefore, be defined as an artificial cover that is fixed on the tooth to cover damage or problem and restore functional ability and certainly to improve the appearance of the tooth.

When do I need to do prosthodontics?

It is important to know that the case assessment process to find out which techniques are appropriate in treatment is one of the most important steps taken at Best clinics in Turkey. There is a highly experienced medical staff who can assess the oral problem and discuss possible options with the patient. If your doctor tells you that you need to restore your teeth, your problem will often be:

- Having broken or damaged teeth.

- weak teeth and inability to function because of large decay or extensive filling.

- There is an aesthetic problem in the color or shape of the tooth such as congenital malformations or deep pigmentation.

- To enhance the strength of the teeth after undergoing endodontic treatment.

- As an alternative to missing tooth in the case of bridges or implants.

The Best Dental Clinics in Turkey
The Best Dental Clinics in Turkey

Types of prosthodontics in Turkey:

The process of developing dental crowns has gone through several stages, from focusing on restoring the functional ability without paying attention to the form or the color while the up to date technologies that promise a complete restoration of the shape, function and color of the tooth.

Some of the most important types of prosthodontics available in Turkey include:

- Metal tooth crowns:

It is the oldest type used in dental restoration, made from metal materials such as gold, silver and a mixture of other materials. These substances are strong and help the tooth to function, moreover, the substances used are known as inert substances that do not affect oral tissues. It also does not need to remove a large part of the original tooth structure to fix it.

- Ceramic tooth crowns:

It is the most advanced method of repairing teeth as it is concerned with restoring the aesthetic appearance such as color, shape and texture so it is used as prosthodontic for the anterior teeth. They are made from materials such as ceramics and porcelain. However, they are less able to withstand grinding and pressure on the teeth.

- Mixed dental crowns:

This type incorporates the pros of the two previous types so that it provides a ceramic interface that maintains the aesthetic look. The posterior part remains metallic to ensure the strength of the dressing.

-Dental veneers:

It is one of the most important developments in the world of dental aesthetics and forms the outer surface of the tooth only and is made of ceramic and porcelain. They are used frequently in the restoration of the anterior teeth.

What is the importance of prosthodontics?

The value of prosthodontics is shown when compared to the old methods of dental treatments. Large caries or weak teeth usually required extraction and no suitable alternatives were available. Today, teeth can be restored and preserved for longer through dental crowns.

Dental Crowns in Turkey inclusive packages
Dental Crowns in Turkey inclusive packages

What is the cost of prosthodontics in Turkey?

The price of prosthodontics is not fixed, it depends on several factors. Among them: the experience of the dentist, the availability of modern techniques of instruments, the type of crown suitable for the patient, and the presence of additional procedures needed to be done to obtain the best results.

If you want to make prosthodontic in Turkey, it is important to check for the best clinics and the most skilled and experienced doctors. In addition to inquiring about all possible treatment options. In general, metal crowns are the lowest priced, followed by mixed crowns, and ceramic or porcelain crowns remain as the highest price.

What are the advantages of prosthodontics in Turkey?

A lot of people are going to Turkey for medical tourism and dental aesthetic is one of the most wanted and widespread sectors. which featured by:

- Suitable competitive prices:

Compared to some other countries such as the UK or the USA, we can consider that in Turkey the patient may save half the costs in addition to the competitive prices offered by Best Clinics.

- Turkey's unique location:

Turkey has a strategic geographical location and a nice climate, In addition to its cultural, historical and scenic diversity, Which make the therapeutic journey to Turkey joyful and pleasant

- High efficiency and quality:

Medical procedures in Turkey are strictly controlled to ensure that the best standards are adhered to and medical service is provided with the highest efficiency. In addition to the availability of the latest medical supplies in the field of dental treatment.

Dental Crowns in Turkey Istanbul Before and After Gallery

Before and after photos of operations

Dental Crowns in Turkey


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