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Facelift Surgery in Turkey

The Full Guide to Face Lift Surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Sagging skin in the face is one of the most prominent signs of aging, which can appear early in the presence of external effects that speed up skin damage and reduce its ability to regenerate. Frequent exposure to polluted air and sunlight, as well as living in a living system full of stress will greatly accelerate the appearance of wrinkles, and sagging in the face, so facelift operation has been one of the most important cosmetic procedures that have been in demand in recent times.
There is no doubt that many who are looking for solutions to this problem go to Turkey as a primary and preferred destination for cosmetic surgery. Although there are many solutions such as facelift creams or cosmetics, they are not effective solutions as opposed to the impact of facelifts in trusted centers in Turkey. Best Clinic in Turkey offers the opportunity to perform a facelift by a dedicated medical staff with extensive experience in this field using the latest tools and equipment available to achieve the best outcome that satisfies the patient.

Facelift Surgery in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What are the facelift techniques in Turkey?

-What are the steps of a facelift procedure?

-what are the advantages of a facelift procedure in Turkey?

-facelift resaults in Turkey before and after images.


Facelift in Turkey Istanbul 00905538908232
Facelift in Turkey Istanbul 00905538908232

What is a facelift?

It is one of the best cosmetic procedures that is concerned with eliminating all the effects of aging on the skin from wrinkles, cracks, skin sagging, and black halos by removing accumulated fat and tightening facial muscles to give a more youthful and energetic appearance.

Facelift Surgery in Turkey 00905538908232
Facelift Surgery in Turkey 00905538908232

What are the facelift techniques in Turkey?

There are different ways to perform a facelift to suit each patient's condition and expectations and these are the most important methods:

- Facelift using surgery.

- Facelift using threads.

- Laser facelift.

- Injectable facelift with Botox, Feller, etc.

A facelift may include an eyebrow lift and a neck area tightening to maintain a more consistent and fresh overall facial appearance.

Best Surgeons in Turkey for Facelift
Best Surgeons in Turkey for Facelift

What are the steps of a facelift in Turkey?

- The general state of health of the patient is assessed and the necessary tests are carried out to ensure that there are no complications during the procedure.

- listening to the patient's fears and expectations, which will play a big role in choosing the appropriate facelift technique.

- If the surgical facelift method, which is defined as the traditional method, is chosen then the doctor will decide the method of anesthesia that is compatible with the patient's condition and the expected duration of the operation.

- A surgical incision is performed along the hairline and the lower ears.

- A microscope is inserted through these incisions to tighten the muscles and re-install them in place in addition to remove the accumulated fat and excess skin.

- The incisions are closed by professional cosmetic methods to make sure that there are no scars on the face later.

The procedure may take several hours, but the results will be amazing and satisfactory to the patient. Some side effects, such as pain, swelling, and redness, may appear in the place of the incisions, but adherence to medical instructions, especially in the first days after the operation, will greatly accelerate recovery and return to daily activities.

Doctors advise against sun exposure during the first few weeks, avoid any stressors or strenuous work, and stay away from contaminated areas to ensure the best results.

Feel young again / Facelift / 00905538908232
Feel young again / Facelift / 00905538908232

What are the advantages of a facelift in Turkey?

As mentioned, Turkey is an essential destination for cosmetic surgery worldwide due to its many advantages, the most important of which are:

- Compared to other countries, the costs of cosmetic surgery in Turkey are low and suitable for the majority of those who wish to perform them.

- Low costs have not affected the quality of medical services provided in medical centers as they comply with international standards.

- The presence of a large number of internationally accredited surgeons who have long experience and skill in cosmetic surgery.

- Provides the latest tools and techniques used in cosmetic surgery.

Facelift in Turkey Before and After:

Before and after photos of operations

Facelift Surgery in Turkey


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