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​Best Clinic doctors in Türkiye

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DT. Bende Doğan

Aesthetic Dentistry

Who Is DT. Bende Doğan?After graduating from Kocaeli University Faculty of Dentistry, dentist Bende Doğan started to work in Kocaeli Private Kartepe Oral and Dental Health Center. Later, he was appointed to Ağrı Oral and Dental Health Center with a state appointment and worked here for one year. After resigning from his position in Ağrı Oral and Dental Health Center, he established a clinic in Harbiye, Istanbul.

He made many case studies and presentations about Aesthetic Dentistry, fixed and removable prostheses on implants, and laser applications in Dentistry. In the clinic he established in Nişantaşı in 2017, he still serves in all branches, especially Aesthetic Dentistry. In the same year, he became the Patient Rights Specialist and Responsible Manager in Bbcdental Health Consultancy Company. He continues his treatment services in his clinic in Nişantaşı and also provides consultancy services.

Initial and advanced implant surgery, fixed and removable prostheses on the implant, lamina veneer restoration preparations, digital smile design, and botox applications in dentistry.

Operations performed by Dr

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