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Penis Enlargement in Turkey 101 Guide

The Full Guide to Penis Enlargement Operation in Turkey Istanbul

Penis enlargement is a new procedure in the field of cosmetic surgery. Which has emerged as a treatment for those with erectile dysfunction or a defect in the shape of the penis such as the curved or small penis so that these problems affect the functional competence of this organ. Surgical procedures in this area are most effective compared to other methods such as taking medications or exercising to increase the size of the penis.

Penis Enlargement in Turkey 101 Guide

Table of conents:

1-Steps of penis enlargement in Turkey.

2-Are there any potential risks from penis enlargement in Turkey.

Some of these problems may be due to hormonal imbalances or genetic mutations that lead to deformation in the shape or size of the penis, which significantly affects a man's self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you have any previous problems and would like to have a penis enlargement, Best Clinic in Turkey offers you the latest technology used in this field to be implemented by highly qualified experts and specialists.

Steps of penis enlargement in Turkey

It is very important in such operations that take place in sensitive and essential areas of the body to discuss all possibilities with the patient from the beginning, the patient must clarify the main problem he wishes to treat and what his expectations of the operation, in return the doctor should explain the medical options available and the expected results of each option and the possible side effects because some effects may affect the patient's entire life either positively or negatively.

The health of the case is assessed and the full history of the patient is taken to avoid any complications resulting from surgery, the procedure of enlarging the penis is limited to local anesthesia, i.e. the patient will remain conscious without feeling pain, but some cases may need to perform complete anesthesia to ensure that the operation proceeds quietly.

Penis enlargement often takes one to two hours, depending on the nature of the condition and the procedures required to be performed to reach the desired result. A surgical incision is made to cut the tissues that bind the penis to the body and thus lead to a lengthening of the penis, while the tissue at the bottom is reattached.

The incision is closed after ensuring that the desired size and shape are reached.

The penis can also be enlarged by re-injecting fat extracted from other areas of the body such as the abdomen and the thigh in the area to be enlarged. This eliminates the effects of incisions and reduces the recovery period after the operation.

Are there any potential risks from penis enlargement in Turkey?

In the case of surgical procedure, the side effects of surgery remain a possibility, which can be in the form of bleeding caused by incisions, the transmission of infection as a result of a problem in the sterilization of the instruments or the place of operation, in addition to complications that can result from anesthesia especially in the case of total anesthesia.

There are some side effects that are normal in such operations and disappear during the first days after the operation such as swelling at the site of the operation, the presence of redness or pain, and to get rid of these effects must adhere to the medical instructions and prescribed medications.

Traces of scars and incisions can remain in the long term, and in the case of fat injections, there is a possibility that the body absorbs or this fat or it accumulates in certain areas. These are the most important complications that can occur as a result of penis enlargement, many of which can be avoided through the correct choice of the center and the medical team supervising the operation.

So if you would like to perform this procedure accurately and efficiently while maintaining the patient's privacy and comfort during the treatment period at reasonable prices, we will definitely recommend Best Clinic in Turkey, which is the best in this field.

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Penis Enlargement in Turkey 101 Guide

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