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Mommy makeover in Turkey

The Full Guide to Mommy Makeover Operations in Istanbul Turkey

Mommy makeover is done for women who have recently given birth, and have some lasting effects from their pregnancy.
Aiming to restore and rejuvenate the areas affected by your pregnancy. For example, stretch marks, loose skin, excess fat and so on. A mommy makeover will consist of a bundle of operations that serve to remove or fix these issues. These operations could be a Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)...

Mommy makeover in Turkey

Table of conetnts:

1-What surgeries are involved in a mommy makeover.

2-How to prepare for the procedure.

3-Possible complications.

4-The costs of a mommy makeover.

5-why would you need a mommy makeover operation after givinig birth.

6-Why should I get a mommy makeover?

7-What surgeries are involved in a mommy makeover?

8-What to expect from a mommy makeover.

9-What makes you a good canidate for a mommy makeover.

10- BBL vs Butt implants.

11-Why Choose One of Turkey-Best-Clinics’ top Mommy Makeover Surgeons?


Mommy Makeover in Turkey
Mommy Makeover in Turkey

Why would you need a surgery after giving birth?

There are medical reasons for choosing surgery after birth since women's bodies don't always recover and heal from the impact of giving birth. There may be extra weight gain which won't shift with normal diet and exercise post baby, or you may have loose skin even when you've lost the baby weight.. The surgeons in the Turkey Best Clinics in Istanbul are board certified and have experience in plastic surgeries of all kinds. As one of our most popular procedures, we've treated patients of all genders, ages, and body types and answered nearly every question you might have.

Full body makeover operations in Turkey
Full body makeover operations in Turkey

What is a Mommy Makeover in Turkey?

A mommy makeover can really help you restore your body after your pregnancy. Replenishing your skin, removing the stretch marks from your pregnancy and removing any loose skin you might have. 

It is also beneficial as well because it includes many different types of operations (depending on what you want to remove or fix) thus allowing you to receive a more dramatic recovery. 

Removing any imperfections or excess stubborn fat you may have gained after you gave birth, with something like a liposuction operation. 

Along with that the benefits of having a mommy makeover in turkey is that you will receive great medical and surgical operation with a much lower price than any other place.

Best Mommy makeover Packages in Turkey
Best Mommy makeover Packages in Turkey

Why should I do Mommy Makeover in Turkey?

Turkey offers one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeries in the world. Offering great quality in both surgery and aftercare. At a much lower price than some other countries in Europe. And allowing you to enjoy the great culture and attractions before your operation or after. Turning what would be a tedious and boring recovery home, to a great experience with all that Turkey has to offer. From unique historical sites and museums to its bustling streets and delicious foods. 

Thus allowing you to enjoy your time and have fun even when you’re recovering, and giving you a great experience to remember.

How should I prepare for Mommy Makeover in Turkey?

Regarding the operation it will be for the best if you lessen the consumption of any smoking and drinking alcohol for about 1 to 2 months before the operation date, and to completely cut off any alcohol intake or smoking one week before the operation date. Avoid taking any Blood thinning medication and anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the possibility of excessive bleeding during the operation 10 hours before the operation you want to avoid eating or drinking anything.

It also be necessary to start losing some weight if you are not at a health or near-ideal bodyweight. As the operation will require you to be at a healthy weight. As a mommy makeover is not a weight loss or fat reduction surgery. So you want to start a diet and exercise program if you have a little too much fat around your waist and tummy.

And for your preparation for coming to turkey you need to make sure to bring some comfortable and easy to remove/put on clothing. As your upper body and abdomen skin will be sensitive after the operation. And to make sure to bring a good amount as your stay could take a bit of time.

Best Clinics in Turkey to get a Mommy Makeover
Best Clinics in Turkey to get a Mommy Makeover

What surgeries are involved in Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover consists of typically 3 types of operations, Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation (Boob Job), and Liposuction. But there are some cases where there also other operations done alongside those other 3 as well.  For example a BBL, Breast Lift operation, Arm Lift, Neck Lift and Vaginoplasty.

1- Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty more known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure that removes any excess skin and fat from the abdominal region (stomach). Perfect for women who have given birth and have gained some loose skin or gained some fat around the lower abdominal area or upper abdominal area.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Benefits

The benefits of a tummy tuck are amazing especially if you have had some stubborn fat or loose skin before your pregnancy. As a tummy tuck will remove any excess fat that might be there while giving you a flat tummy and waist looking like even better than before. 

2- Breast Augmentation (Boob Job)

Breast augmentation more commonly referred to as a boob job, is an operation that uses implants that are inserted in the patients breasts to increase their size. 

Breast Augmentation (Boob Job) Benefits

A breast augmentation operation can give your breasts a better shape and improves their size. Especially after pregnancy as your breasts may be lower or less firm than they used to be. Breast augmentation will improve that.

3- Liposuction

Liposuction, is a surgical procedure that uses a suction technique to remove fat and slimming down specific areas of the body, those areas being the abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, knees, calves, chest, arms and neck. Liposuction also improves the shapes of these areas, it is one of the best procedures to help who have an increase of fat in their body after pregnancy, as no other technique allow for such detailed improvements in body shaping.

Liposuction Benefits

Liposuction is a great operation especially if you have recently gave given birth. As it is greatly improving body shape, and removes stubborn fat, allowing for a slimmer and great look. Whether you have given birth or not, Liposuction is a great operation to improve your body.

4- BBL (Brazilian butt lift)

A  BBL uses a liposuction technique to suction the fat from parts around your body into your buttocks. Restoring your lower body shape and even improving on it, even better than before your pregnancy. 

BBL - Brazilian Butt Lift Benefits

The benefits of a BBL are many, improving your buttocks shape, giving you a more round proportionate look. And improving on any scars and cellulite you might have. Giving you a great youthful look. Another benefit is that it uses fat suctioned out from your body, as it uses a type of liposuction. Meaning you could improve your buttocks while getting rid of any fats you may have received during your pregnancy.

Breast Implants in Turkey
Breast Implants in Turkey

What to expect after Mommy Makeover Operation

After your operation you will be staying in the hospital for a few nights, as a mommy makeover operation is quite a big operation. So the doctors need to ensure that you properly rest after the operation and that no complications arise during your recovery. 

After a few days you will be allowed to leave the hospital, make sure to have someone with you to drive you to your hotel. And to at least stay with you overnight to ensure your safety or if you are in need of something.

What makes me a good candidate for a mommy makeover in Turkey?

For you to be a viable candidate you must be at a healthy body weight, as a mommy makeover isn’t a weight lose operation. And of course to be in a healthy state. 

It is also required to quit any habits of smoking or drinking you night have, before the operation. As that negatively affect the operation. 

And the most important thing as well is to be sure that you are finished with child bearing. As having a pregnancy after the operation can undo all the effects and benefits from the mommy makeover.

Brazilian Butt Lift in Turkey vs. Butt Implants 

Just as there are various buttock augmentation techniques, there is the option of silicone butt implants, also known as gluteal implants. Silicone implants are made of a soft gel-like material that the surgeon carefully places to create the desired shape before closing the incision. Turkey Best Clinics perform butt implant surgery to increase the curvature of the back of our patients. However, we found that most patients choose Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Turkey for the following reasons:

• Butt implants must be replaced every 10-12 years.

• The incisions made during the buttock augmentation procedure are small in size and create almost invisible scarring while the buttock implant incisions are longer.

• The body can detect butt implants as a foreign substance and reject them, while the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) transfers your natural fat.

The Brazilian butt lift involves targeted liposuction, which results in an overall slimmer appearance.

• Buttock implant surgery requires a long downtime and recovery process, unlike butt augmentation surgery.

Thin patients who seek amazing results undergo butt implant surgery to achieve the desired shape because they lack sufficient fat cells to transfer them. However, Turkey-Best-Clinic also provides a "Brazilian Slim Butt Lift" or a "SLIM BBL" for younger patients who are looking for a more athletic or natural-looking figure.

What are the possible complications that may arise ?

  • All plastic surgery procedures will always involve the possibility of risk. Some of the complications associated with a Brazilian butt lift include: 

  • Excessive bruising and swelling

  • Nerve damage

  • Infection

  • Blood clots

  • Fat embolism

  • Excessive blood loss

  • Deep vein thrombosis

  • Cardiac and pulmonary complications

  • Skin necrosis (death of skin)

  • Necrosis of fat or surrounding tissue (death of fat and tissue)

  • Hematoma (blood pockets under the skin)

  • Complications associated with liposuction or anesthesia

Safest place to get a mommy makeover in Turkey
Safest place to get a mommy makeover in Turkey

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover cost in Turkey?

The price vary according to what surgeries you may choose. yet the range can be 6000-10.000$

Why Choose One of Turkey-Best-Clinics’ top Mommy Makeover Surgeons?

Turkey-Best-Clinic's team of highly specialized plastic and cosmetic surgeons is dedicated to improving the appearance of patients in Turkey and all over the world. Our surgeons have accomplished the highest level of education and extensive training to carry out proper cosmetic procedures. Given their years of experience, they know that patients will feel a little nervous and have many questions during their initial consultation. For this reason, the entire Turkey-Best-Clinics staff will tell you what to expect, answer your questions, and ensure that you leave with appropriate aftercare instructions for satisfactory results. Coordinators, nurse practitioners and licensed post-operative massage therapists will make you feel comfortable from the moment you begin treatment through to your post-treatment care.

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Mommy makeover in Turkey

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Is a mommy makeover worth it?

All of our patients who have had a mommy makeover have all been happy with their results. Boosting their confidence and body image.

What exactly is a mommy makeover?

A mommy makeover is an operation that aims to improve areas of the body that have been effected by pregnancy, like the abdominal and chest areas.

Does mommy makeover remove stretch marks?

A mommy makeover can help remove the stretch marks using a tummy tuck, removing any lower body stretch marks.

What can't you do after a mommy makeover?

For the first few weeks after your surgery, you should refrain from doing any lifting or aerobic exercises or jogging.

How should I sleep after a tummy tuck?

You should sleep only laying on your back and avoid sleeping on your sides or stomach

Is a mommy makeover painful?

You will only experience some discomfort and swelling after the operation. But no series pain.

Is Turkey a good place to get a mommy makeover?

Turkey offers some of the best cosmetic surgeries at a low price. So it is one of the best options for any cosmetic surgery including a mommy makeover.

What are Turkish hospitals like?

Turkish hospitals are very professional and high in quality. Having top medical Universities, thus having an abundance of many great doctors and nurses.

What age is best for a mommy makeover?

As long as you are above the age of 18, and are healthy. You are eligible for a mommy makeover.

How long is recovery after mommy makeover?

Recovery can take between 2 to 4 weeks. Depending on the volume of operations.

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