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Jaw and Neck Lift in Turkey

The Full Guide to Jaw and Neck Lift Surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Sagging skin from the facial area, as well as wrinkles, appear clearly, and affect the overall appearance. Jaw and neck tightening has recently emerged as one of the most popular cosmetic procedures where many want a younger and fresher look.

Jaw and Neck Lift in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is a jaw and neck lift and what is it used for?

-What makes a person need to undergo a neck and jaw lift procedure?

-The techniques that are used during a a neck and jaw lift procedure.

-Before and after images of patients who have undergone a neck and jaw lift procedure in Turkey.


Neck Lift in Turkey
Neck Lift in Turkey

What is a jaw and neck lift?

It is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to get rid of excess fat in the jaw and neck area, tighten muscles, and get rid of excess skin for a younger and more beautiful appearance.

Who needs to undergo a jaw and neck lift?

There are some indications that there is a need for a jaw and neck lift, the most important of which are:

- The skin in the jaw and neck area droop significantly.

- Significant weight loss which leads to the loss of fatty tissue that fills the void between the skin and muscles.

- Signs of aging such as accumulated wrinkles and clear lines in the neck area.

- Some cases suffer from a lack of collagen fibers and therefore a decrease in skin elasticity and regeneration.

- If there are fat accumulated in the lower neck that gives a non-uniform appearance with the rest of the features.

- Sagging muscles and tissues on the sides of the jaw and neck area.

Jaw Lift Operation in Turkey Before and After
Jaw Lift Operation in Turkey Before and After

What techniques are used in the jaw and neck lift process?

There are several ways to perform this procedure as Best Clinics in Turkey offers multiple and sophisticated technologies to suit the nature of the case and meet its needs and expectations. The most prominent techniques used include:

- Jaw and neck lift using surgical methods:

This is the basic method of performing a jaw and neck lift and includes:

1. The traditional surgical method that relies on a surgical incision under the chin and behind the ear to suction the fatty tissue between the skin and muscles and tighten the muscles. This process can take two to three hours.

2. Neck muscle reshaping surgery: Mainly focused on adjusting the position of the muscles and tightening them to suit the rest of the features. But it does not remove sagging skin or suction of adipose tissue.

3. Liposuction of accumulated fat below the neck: it is considered a popular procedure due to the many cases experiencing fat accumulation in the area of the lower neck. The liposuction device is inserted through a small incision, then tightens the sagging skin, eliminates excess tissue, and closes the incision.

Double Chin Surgery in Turkey
Double Chin Surgery in Turkey

-Jaw and neck lift using non-surgical methods:

Many techniques have been developed to avoid complications of surgery such as bleeding and swelling and to ensure better results, the most prominent non-surgical methods:

1. Botox and Filler injections:

Injection of such substances reduces wrinkles and eliminates sagging effectively without resorting to surgical incisions. But it also has some drawbacks, the results are temporary compared to the results of surgical methods where the patient needs to operate several times during his life in addition to the relatively high price. Doctors recommend using filler to tighten the neck while botox is injected into the face.

2. Laser-tightening jaw and neck:

This method is probably the latest and most advanced of the other techniques used, the use of lasers that increase every day has made its use in the field of beauty a necessity. The principle of laser action is to stimulate the skin to produce collagen fibers and get rid of damaged tissue, which increases the elasticity of the skin and its ability to regenerate and significantly reduces wrinkles and sagging. The laser has proven its efficacy and effectiveness in the jaw and neck lift, but the operation needs several sessions and the results do not appear until after a period of treatment.

Neck Lift Surgery Before and After
Neck Lift Surgery Before and After

Jaw and neck lift in Turkey - Istanbul Before & After

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Jaw and Neck Lift in Turkey

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