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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

The Full Guide to Gastric Sleeve Operation in Turkey Istanbul

Obesity is one of the most important challenges facing human beings in the 21st century, due to its negative health and psychological effects. Gastric sleeve is one of the most important surgical procedures to treat obesity in Turkey. This article will discuss the most important information concerning the process of Gastric sleeve in Turkey.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

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Gastric Sleeve In Turkey/Istanbul
Gastric Sleeve In Turkey/Istanbul

What is the gastric sleeve?

Gastric sleeve is one of the most important surgical procedures used to treat obesity by removing part of the stomach as well as appetite-stimulating hormones. This results in an automatic reduction in food intake and relative loss of appetite, resulting in a clear weight loss. The rate of ablation in these operations may be up to 80% of the size of the stomach.

The objectives of the gastric sleeve operation in Turkey:

- Pushing the body to burn the fat stored in it as a result of the lack of food intake after the operation which affects positively on the body health by avoiding many serious diseases that can be caused by accumulated fats such as heart disease, diabetes and others.

- Restore self-confidence and get rid of the negative emotions caused by obesity.

- Enjoy a healthier, fit and more mobile body than before.

Gastric Sleeve - Turkey Best Clinics
Gastric Sleeve - Turkey Best Clinics

conditions for the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey:

Procedures for treating obesity are multiple and do not suit all obese people. Therefore, the patient's condition should be assessed and the what is a procedure that is best suited to him, and this is what Best clinics in Turkey do, where free consultations are provided after a full assessment of the patient's physical and psychological condition and listen to his expectations and needs.

The most important criteria for indicating that gastric sleeve is the most appropriate treatment are:

- Diagnosis of obesity i.e. BMI more than 30kg/m2 or excessive increase of more than 40 kg. Therefore, gastric sleeves are not suitable for pre-obesity people or those who want to lose a few kilograms.

- Attempts to lose weight by traditional methods such as dieting or exercising failed, if you are a person with stable or even increased weight despite diets, the process of sleeving the stomach may be most appropriate in this case.

You can still be in shape
You can still be in shape

What are the forms of gastric sleeve in Turkey?

The types of gastric sleeve vary depending on the patient's condition and needs. The most famous of these types:

- Cut the stomach in the form of a longitudinal tube.

- Removal of the upper part of the stomach.

- Make a hole in the middle of the stomach and is considered the least common.

What are the procedures for gastric sleeve surgery at Best clinics in Turkey?

Best clinics are the best destination for bariatric surgery, especially gastric sleeve, due to the high skill of doctors and specialists, as well as the availability of the latest tools and techniques used in this field.

Gastric sleeve is performed at Best clinics by following these steps:

- Fully assessment for the patient's condition and determine the type of sleeve that is best suited to him.

- Complete anesthesia of the patient

- Make several small incisions in the stomach area.

- Insertion the laparoscope of the operation through these incisions.

- The shape of the stomach is changed according to the condition using the appropriate tools.

- Following the operation through the laparoscope which may last for about an hour.

Are there any instructions to follow before the gastric sleeve in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve is a surgical procedure that requires attention to certain factors that may affect the progress or outcomes of the operation, such as:

- Stop taking medications that affect blood thinners to prevent the possibility of bleeding during the operation.

- Refrain from smoking until the end of the recovery period of the operation

- Perform some basic tests to make sure the patient's physical readiness.

- Tell your doctor if you have any previous health problems or medical interventions that can affect the operation.

Post-sleeve recommendations in Turkey:

- Stay away from hard work and avoid making too much effort or carrying heavy objects.

- There will be a pain in the abdominal area and some disorders may occur such as diarrhea and nausea and these symptoms are normal during the first period after the operation and gradually decrease over time.

- Strict adherence to the doctor's instructions regarding the nature of the food allowed to be taken after the operation.

- Follow a balanced diet and maintain healthy habits such as exercise to avoid fat accumulation again and enjoy a healthy body.

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Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

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