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Fat Injection in Turkey

The full guide to FAT INJECTIONS in Turkey Istanbul

Localized thinness is a major problem for some, and it means a certain part of the body that suffers from thinness compared to other parts, which affects the body's consistency and beauty. Fat injection is the best solution to such problems. What is a fat injection and how is it done? We'll get to know this in the following article.

Fat Injection in Turkey

Table of contents:

-what is a fat injection procedure in Turkey?

-The steps of a fat injection procedure in Turkey.

-The advantages of a fat injection procedure in Turkey.


Fat Injection in Turkey
Fat Injection in Turkey

What is a fat injection in Turkey?

It is a cosmetic procedure that works to give a younger and fresher appearance by pulling fat from areas that accumulate in the body and processing them for re-injection in areas with excess thinness.

Fat injection is one of the safest operations performed by Best Clinic in Turkey using state-of-the-art methods and techniques and by experts and specialists in this field.

The most important characteristic of this process is that the substances used in injections are natural and from within the body, which greatly reduces any side effects that may arise later and this is the difference between them and the implantation of fillings using manufactured materials such as silicone or saline solutions.

Body Fat Injection for a bigger Butt
Body Fat Injection for a bigger Butt

Steps of fat injection in Turkey:

Fat injections can take up to one to two hours depending on the nature of the condition and the extent of the area's thinness, and the process is done through the following steps:

- Comprehensive assessment of the patient's health condition and conduct all necessary tests to ensure that there are no medical barriers that prevent the operation or negatively affect the results.

- The steps of the operation and the expected results should be discussed with the patient in advance as well as listening to his or her concerns and needs.

- Choose the most appropriate anesthesia method based on the patient's health condition in addition to the expected duration of the operation.

- Identify donor and fat receiving areas before starting the process to avoid making mistakes during the process.

- After the proper anesthesia, a small incision about half a centimeter length is made in the fat donor area, where a device is inserted to spray a saline solution in addition to liquids that reduce the likelihood of bleeding as a result of the introduction of fat withdrawal devices.

Areas of fat accumulation such as thigh or abdomen are chosen to draw fat from them to maintain as much consistency as possible and not to cause the thinness of new areas.

- After the fat is withdrawn, the process of treating and purifying it begins through dedicated purifiers, and this process takes approximately 20 minutes to increase depending on the amount of fat needed to be purified. During this process, fat should not be exposed to external air or any external conditions that may affect the possibility of re-injecting it into the body.

- Another incision is made in the area that is thin and needs a fat injection, where a dedicated device is inserted at the end of which a fine needle to inject fat and give a fuller appearance to the area.

- The patient can leave the hospital or medical center on the same day after ensuring that the effects of the anesthesia are eliminated, and pay attention to the mode of transportation and the need for a companion.

Best Clinics offers a full range of unique and free services, including mobility during treatment, as well as an interpreter who is fluent in the patient's language and Turkish.

Fat Injection To Breasts in Turkey
Fat Injection To Breasts in Turkey

What are the advantages of fat injection in Turkey?

- Fat injection is a safe process compared to other techniques such as silicone implantation and others. Manufactured materials are not used. Fats are used as a natural source of the same body.

- The fat injection process has proven its efficiency and effectiveness in restoring the consistency of the areas of the body in addition to giving it a younger appearance, where wrinkles and sagging can be eliminated through the use of this technique.

- This technique treats two problems at the same time as it is based on the withdrawal of fat from the areas that suffering from obesity and re-injected in thin areas.

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Fat Injection in Turkey

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