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Eyelid lift in Turkey

The Full Guide to Eyelid Lift Surgery in Turkey Istanbul

Blepharoplasty is an operation to lift droopy eyelids (upper eyelid surgery), remove eye bags, and tighten loose skin (lower eyelid surgery). According to the patient’s needs and the doctor’s advice, it can also be a double operation on the upper and lower lids. Blepharoplasty is an operation to lift droopy eyelids (upper eyelid surgery), remove eye bags, and tighten loose skin (lower eyelid surgery). According to the patient’s needs and the doctor’s advice, it can also be a double operation on the upper and lower lids.

Eyelids surgery makes you look youthful and refreshed and improves your appearance. It is better to meet your surgeon to discuss your case and know if this surgery is appropriate.

Eyelid lift in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is an eyelid lidt surgery and what does it do?

-What are the types of eyelid surgeries that are used?

-How is an eyelid lift surgery performed in Turkey?

-What you should and sould'nt do after an eyelid lift procedure.

-What your epectations should be after an eyelid lift procedure.

-The possible risks when undergoing an eyelid lidt procedure.

-What makes someone eligiable for an eyeyliod lift procedure?

-How to prepare for your eyelid lift procedure.

-Why should someone get an eyelid lift procedure?

-what are the prices for an eyeylid lift procedure in Turkey?


Eyelid Surgery in Turkey
Eyelid Surgery in Turkey

What is a Eyelid Lift Surgery?

A procedure called blepharoplasty involves removing extra skin from the eyelids. Eyelids stretch as we age and the muscles that support them weaken. Because of this, extra skin and fat may accumulate above and below your eyelids. This may result in droopy upper lids, sagging brows, and bags beneath the eyes.

Along with getting older, significantly drooping skin around the eyes can impair side vision, particularly in the upper and outer visual fields. These eyesight issues can be eliminated or reduced with blepharoplasty. Additionally, the procedure might give eyes a younger, fresher appearance.

Eyelid Lift Operation in Turkey Best Clinics
Eyelid Lift Operation in Turkey Best Clinics

What types of eyelid lift surgeries are there?

1- Upper eyelid lift in Turkey

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty is a wonderful solution for people who deal with excessive upper eyelid skin. Those who have protruding fat pads in their upper lids can benefit from this surgery as well.

A surgical technique called an upper eyelid blepharoplasty involves the excision of extra skin, fat, and, on rare occasions, the "orbicularis oculi," a thin strip of muscle.

Fat and/or muscle removal gets rid of the additional mass that drags the eyelid down. Most of the time, bulging fat pads can be eliminated without removing the skin.

Excess top eyelid skin can make a patient appear tired and put strain on their eyelids, making it harder for them to keep their eyes open.

2- Lower Eyelid Lift in Turkey

In order to reduce bags and loose skin in the lower eyelid, a procedure known as a lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed. Because lower eyelid blepharoplasty is nearly usually cosmetic, insurance rarely, if ever, pays for it.

The excess fat, skin, and muscle that may be contributing to the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and/or puffiness are removed during this operation.

The lower eyelids are tightened and repositioned during this treatment, giving the face a more contoured appearance.

In order to do a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, a small incision must be made along the lower lids, either inside the lid or slightly outside the lash line. The removal or repositioning of fat and extra tissue occurs through this tiny incision.

3- Double Eyelid Lift in Turkey

This is the most common type of eyelid lift surgery. It combines lower and upper eyelid operation. Giving you a full eyelid lift.

Eyelid Lift Surgery in Turkey Inclusive Packages
Eyelid Lift Surgery in Turkey Inclusive Packages

What are the benefits of Eyelid Lift Operation?

A less tired look

Eyelid heaviness and the development of eye bags often give patients a run-down, exhausted appearance, which is a major reason why they want to get eyelid surgery. Additionally, sagging eyelids can give the idea that the eyes are partially closed, which naturally contributes to the worn, sleepy expression.

Patients who have blepharoplasty surgery are typically pleased with the results, with many remarking on how rested and renewed they appear compared to previously.

Confidence booster

Eyelid surgery may be the answer if your appearance makes you feel self-conscious and you are usually not too content with the appearance of your eyes. Many patients claim that having blepharoplasty surgery changed their lives, leaving them happier and more self-assured.

A more youthful and young look

To look younger is a popular motivation for people to get blepharoplasty surgery. Because the skin's elastic fibers are lost and our collagen levels decline with age, the skin on our eyelids is sometimes one of the first locations where we detect the indications of aging. Due to increased skin sagging and drooping as a result, we may look to be older than we actually are.

While everyone experiences this as a natural part of aging, some people may be more prone to sagging or droopy eyelids, which can cause issues early on and worsen with age. An upper blepharoplasty treatment, frequently performed in conjunction with ptosis surgery, can be a very efficient technique to address the condition and make a person look younger and more refreshed.

Fixing visual impairments

Some people may experience vision issues as a result of sagging top eyelid skin because it might block their field of vision, making it challenging to go about their daily activities.

Blepharoplasty is not only a cosmetic operation; it also serves a practical purpose by removing the blockage and enhancing eyesight.

Permanent improvments

Blepharoplasty offers a long-lasting remedy for weary eyes, unlike many other cosmetic treatments and anti-aging medications. The majority of patients won't feel the need to return for a second surgery because the results are long-lasting.

Obviously, aging will continue, and each person's outcomes will be unique, but for the majority of people, a well-done blepharoplasty treatment should last between 10-15 years.

Less scarring

Blepharoplasty's little perceptible scarring is one of the procedure's main advantages, especially when compared to various other facial cosmetic treatments. The scarring is minimal in both upper and lower eyelid surgery, and the incisions are skillfully concealed in the skin's natural creases and beneath the lash line.

Most patients do not have any issues with the little scar that normally extends a few millimeters into the area around the eyes (crow's feet area), and most people do not even notice it. 

More enjoyable social interactions

Your eyelids may be to blame if someone has ever commented that you appear unhappy even when you are not.

Making a frown includes squinting your eyes. Unfortunately, the similar cosmetic result occurs when the skin above your eyelids sags so much that it makes your eyes appear smaller.

When you stop having a "angry resting face," you might be amazed at how much of a change you'll notice in your social interactions.

People will approach you in a more upbeat manner because they will perceive you as being friendlier and more enthusiastic.

Removing wrinkles from around your eyes 

Botox can be used to alleviate wrinkles around the eyes temporarily, but surgery can decrease the muscles that generate these creases, making them less noticeable. The advantages are immediate. There is no need for Botox because the wrinkles are eliminated permanently. 

Getting rid of under-eye bags and dark circles

Three causes might coexist to cause dark circles under the eyes. The 'darkness' behind the eye is caused by shrinkage of pigmented eyelid skin, an excess of eyelid fat that frequently bulges, and loss of bone and soft tissue volume of the face beneath the eye. Surgery can restore lost bone and soft tissue volume, shape fat, redistribute excess fat, and remove extra skin.

Can remove the tear troughs and grooves on the cheeks and eyelids

As we age, the strong ligaments that connect skin to bone become increasingly apparent. This makes the grooves more noticeable and makes the bulges around them appear larger. In addition to repositioning fat and restoring volume, eyelid surgery can precisely release these ligaments. This guarantees that the lower eyelid and mid cheek will have an attractive contour.

Eyelid Lift Surgery- Confidence Booster
Eyelid Lift Surgery- Confidence Booster

How is an Eyelift Surgery in Turkey done?

The surgeon makes a cut along the eyelid fold for the upper eyelids. The surgeon may trim away some extra skin, muscle, and fat. The physician then stitches up the wound.

The surgeon creates a cut inside the lower lid or in the natural crease of your eye on the lower lid, right below the lashes. The surgeon trims or repositions extra muscle, fat, and sagging skin. The physician then stitches up the wound.

Your doctor might perform a ptosis treatment along with blepharoplasty if your upper eyelid hangs down near your pupil. Ptosis is intended to elevate the eyelid and trim away any extra skin.

What are the things that you should do/not do after a n eyelid lift?

-Things you want to do:

For the first week or so if your surgery, sleep on your back with your head raised high.

Make sure to follow the doctor’s instructions and use the eye drops and ointments they’ve provided. 

Apply ice packs on your eyes after your surgery and the day after.  

Make sure to wear dark sunglasses to protect your sensitive eyes from bright lights and the sun.

- Things that you don’t want to do:

Avoid any exerting or laborious activities such as sports like jogging or lifting heavy weights.

Avoid rubbing your eyes as they very sensitive and you could irritate them, especially after your operation.

Avoid taking medicines or supplements that can increase bleeding like aspirin, ibuprofen etc.

What should I be expecting after Eyelid Lift Surgery?

After your surgery you will experience some swelling and bruising. These effects will be less noticeable after 10-14 days, but it takes 1-3months to complete the healing process. In this period of time you will rarely experience any pain. The effects from the surgery are permanent.

You can expect eyelid surgery to permanently fix some issues.Although positive outcomes from your operation are anticipated, there is no assurance. In some cases, a single surgical treatment might not be sufficient to produce the best results, and a second surgery can be required.

For your surgery to be successful, it is crucial that you follow your postoperative recommendations. During the healing process, it's crucial that the surgical incisions not be subjected to an excessive amount of stress, abrasion, or motion.

You'll receive detailed instructions from your doctor on how to take care of yourself.

What are some risks of eyelid lift surgery?

Possible infection

Your post-operative wounds could become infected if they are not handled and cared for properly. These infections might manifest as symptoms including fever and edema. But do not be concerned; our medical staff would not err and fail to treat your wounds. The best possible care will be given to you both during and following your procedure. Ensuring that you never experience something similar.

Difficulty closing the eyes

Although you will experience some difficulty closing your eyes it will go away after a few days of healing and you’ll be able to close them comfortably.

Temporarily blurred vision

This is temporary and will only last a few days if it happens.

What makes me a candidate for eyelid lift surgery?

-You should be in great physical health, and not suffering from any former medical issues that could affect the surgery. 

-You should quit smoking entirely if you are a smoker. As smoking affects the recovery after the surgery. Consider quitting 4-6 weeks before the date of your operation.

-If you have any eye conditions they might affect the procedure. It is best that if you have or suspect you have any eye medical conditions consult your doctor.

How to prepare for an eyelid lift surgery?

-Get lab and medical tests to see if you have any conditi0ons or allergies to certain medications

-Quit smoking 4-6 weeks before the operation. And avoid smoking after the operation

-Avoid taking blood thinning or anti-inflammatory medicine as they will increase bleeding

-Make sure you’ve arranged for someone to drive you back to your hotel room after your operation is done.

Why should I do an eyelid lift surgery in Turkey?

One of the world's top destinations for cosmetic and plastic surgery is Turkey. Providing excellent surgical and postoperative care. Compared to several other European nations, at a significantly cheaper cost.

Enabling you to take advantage of the fantastic culture and sights before or after your procedure. Using all that Turkey has to offer, you may transform what might otherwise be a laborious and monotonous return home into a wonderful experience.

From its distinctive historical landmarks and museums to its busy streets and mouthwatering cuisine.

Allowing you to enjoy your time and have fun while you're recovering rather than being forced to stay at home and get bored.

What are the costs of Eyelid Lift Surgery in Turkey?

A typical eyelift costs between 1800$ -2900$. For more accurate information contact us at our firm and discuss with one of our employees to help you plan out our trip and give you an accurate pricing estimate.

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Eyelid lift in Turkey

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