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Dental implants in Turkey

The Full Guide to Dental Implants in Turkey Istanbul

Losing a tooth or a number of teeth may cause health and psychological problems, which is why many resort to dental implants in order to obtain a beautiful smile, to enhance self-confidence, and to avoid many health problems. Best Clinics dental clinics are the best and safest place to get successful, guaranteed and affordable dental implants. But before taking a similar step, it is worth taking a full idea of ​​the types of dental implants and getting to know the reasons for the price discrepancy from one clinic to another.

Dental implants in Turkey

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Dental Implants in Turkey Istanbul
Dental Implants in Turkey Istanbul

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are one of the best ways to replace lost teeth with artificial teeth that are designed to fit with the adjacent teeth and fuse with the bone to effectively replace the natural tooth in terms of both form and function.

  A Dental implant is done by using a screw like cylinder object that is called the “Post”. The “post” is made from titanium, as titanium fuses with the jawbone preventing things like slippage or the implant making noises from happening.  The “Post” will be surgically placed in the jawbone. Replacing the place where the tooth’s root used to be. The “Post” will be the root on which another piece called the “abutment”, will be placed inside of. The “abutment” will be inserted by screwing it in the empty space inside the “post’. This piece will serve as the holder for the “crown”. The “crown” is a piece of ceramic or metal that is shaped to look like a real tooth. It is placed on the “abutment” properly to ensure it doesn’t move out of place. The “crown” is a made to be very durable, easily able to handle chewing and biting, and not requiring any special care aside from regular oral hygiene like tooth brushing.

Parts of Implants
Parts of Implants

What are dental implants good for?

Dental implants are a huge help for people who are suffering from a cracked tooth or those who have a youth or gum infection. A dental implant will greatly improve the appearance and look of your teeth, giving you a beautiful and bright smile. 

But most importantly dental implants will allow you to enjoy your meals and food, free of any of any pain or concern for your teeth. Letting you chew and bite any food you want, without experiencing any pain

Dental Implants in Turkey Best Clinics
Dental Implants in Turkey Best Clinics

How do I know I need dental implants?

You may need dental implants if you have suffered an injury or an accident causing one or more of your teeth to break or crack. 

Or if you have some kind of tooth infection or gum infection that could cause your teeth to be removed, and in need of a replacement.

What makes me a candidate for a dental implant?

The best candidates are those that have good mouth health, as a good mouth health is necessary for the procedure. You can improve your oral health by visiting your doctor before the operation and undergoing the necessary treatments. 

Good body health. Your doctor will run some tests and review your medical history to see if there is any health complications or allergies you might have. 

A good strong jawbone is also very good for dental implants, as it supports the implants properly. But if you don’t have a viable jawbone your doctor will take care of that using other methods.

Finally you should quit any smoking habits you might have before the operation. As smoking can negatively impact the operation.

Dental Implants Turkey all-inclusive Packages
Dental Implants Turkey all-inclusive Packages

Why should I get dental implants in Turkey?

Dental implants are an extremely popular form of dental procedures in turkey. Due to how popular dental implants are there is no shortage of great doctors and dentists in turkey. Providing one of the best and highest quality of dental surgery around the world. While still offer cheaper prices and offers than some other countries outside of turkey.

Along that as well turkey possesses one of the richest cultures and historical monuments, giving you the chance to explore and visit some of the iconic and great places in turkey. From enjoying the cultures and history, to the delicious foods that turkey has to offer. Whether you would like to have a look around turkey and experience what it has to offer, before your procedure or after it is up to you.

The safest place to get dental implants in Turkey
The safest place to get dental implants in Turkey

What are the components of a dental implant?

1. Crown: It is the visible part that resembles the original tooth. It is made of ceramic materials and designed to look similar to the real tooth.

2. The abutment: It is the part used to fix the crown of the tooth with its base. It is made in a hexagonal or octagonal shape.

3. The base or what is known as (implant): It is a screw made of titanium metal that is fused with the natural jaw bones in order to secure a safe and stable base for the replacement tooth that will be installed.

Smile Makeover in Turkey Istanbul
Smile Makeover in Turkey Istanbul

What is the difference between the installation and implantation of teeth?

Dental implants are a simple process that includes the extraction of a damaged tooth or molar and the installation of an artificial tooth, and this process requires local anesthesia and its cost is relatively high when compared to dental installation, but it is safer and better, as the replacement tooth lasts for a longer period, and we can say that the patient obtains a similar tooth with a percentage 99% of the original tooth.

As for the dental prosthesis, it is the replacement of the missing or damaged part, whether due to decay or fracture, with an artificial part that takes the place of the missing part. This technique is often used to provide protection for a weak tooth, to cover a deformed tooth, or to hide a large filling.

Dental implants cannot always replace the implant, and the case is evaluated by a specialized dentist.

What are the ​types of dental implants in Turkey?

Single tooth implants

Single tooth implants, only replaces one tooth by using inserting the “post” into the jawbone and stationing the “crown”. This is done for those only needing one tooth replacement, which could’ve been caused by an accident or infection.

Multiple tooth implants

Multiple tooth implants, replaces multiple teeth at once using the same method as the single tooth implants. This is done for people who have multiple teeth that need to be replaced. Replacing multiple teeth in one session.

Full mouth implants

Full mouth implant, is done for those who no longer have any teeth in their mouths. Replacing every single tooth in the mouth of the patient.

Immediate dental implants in Turkey

Immediate dental implants in Turkey are the process of placing traditional implants in the same tooth extraction session, where the implant, which is slightly larger than the size of the extracted tooth root in the bone, is placed, and in most cases the doctor uses the so-called bone graft in order to get rid of any voids in the bone. bone. The reason for calling it immediate in clinics in Turkey is because the transplantation process takes place in the same first visit required for preparation and extraction.We can say that this operation is successful in most cases. However, it is not possible to be certain except after a careful evaluation by the supervising doctor after taking some factors into account.

Best Dental Implants in Turkey 00905538908232
Best Dental Implants in Turkey 00905538908232

How is immediate dental implants determined in Turkey appropriate?

1- The patient's general health.

2- The health and quality of the bones in which the dental implants will be placed.

3- In which jaw will the dental implants be implanted, as if the implantation process will take place in a place close to the sinus cavity, the doctor may need to raise the sinuses at first.

4- Ensure that there is a problem or injury at the site of the dislocation, as the implant must be in healthy bones to ensure the long-term success of the implants.

What are the advantages of immediate dental implants in Turkey?

1- There will be no reason to do two surgeries, as the extraction and implantation will be done in one visit.

2- The course of treatment will be shorter, as there will be no need to wait for the extraction site to heal.

3- It is very suitable for those who do not want to waste their vacation at the dentist when they come to Turkey.

Get your smile back! 00905538908232
Get your smile back! 00905538908232

Methods of which the implants are placed:

Endosteal Implants

Endosteal implants use titanium screws that are called “posts” which are inserted into the jawbone, which will be holding something called the “abutment”, which will be holding the “crown”. Which is the top part that will give your tooth the real look. These implants are strong and durable, allowing you to chew and bite without any concerns, and lasting more than 10 years after the operation.


Subperiosteal implants are a substitute to endosteal implants, it is performed by the surgeon making an incision under the gums where the teeth are to be replaced. The surgeon will then drill under the gum tissue to create a space to place a metal frame. This metal frame will be placed on the jawbone. Then the surgeon will close and suture the gums to allow them to heal back. This type of implant surgery is done to the people who don’t have a strong jawbone, or don’t have enough bone density to hold the screws. 

Dental Bone Augmentation in Turkey:

If you have a weak jawbone that is unable to handle and support your dental implants. Your surgeon will offer to try a bone augmentation in an attempt to regenerate and grow bones on your jawbone. This will be done using bone additives and bone stimulation. 

Best Surgeons for Bone Augmentation in Turkey
Best Surgeons for Bone Augmentation in Turkey

Sinus lift in Turkey:

A sinus lift id performed if the patient’s upper jawbone doesn’t have enough strength and bone density to hold the dental implants. It starts with the surgeon making an incision in the gums on the upper jawbone. Once the jawbone is visible, it is then cut to make a flap which is pressed softly upward into the sinus cavity. After all of that an empty space will be filled with a bone graft which will heal on after time.

What type of dental implants is best for me?

The most dental implant plan method will be decided by the dentist and surgeon. The dentist will take a look around your mouth and examine the condition of your teeth, and give them a full examination. You will also have to take a CT scan and panoramic rays scans. And in some cases blood and calcium tests. 

The dentist will make sure that your mouth and teeth are properly examined and taken care of, as healthy clean teeth are extremely important as they could be a hazard during the surgery.

The doctor will advise you on how to take care of the health and cleanness of your mouth, all you have to do is to listen and follow it properly. As a healthy 

How should I prepare for the Dental Implant procedure?

First you should be prepared by speaking to your doctor and undergo a full examination, to see if you are safe and viable for a dental implant. Taking some X-Rays and CT scans and reviewing your medical records to see if you might have any allergic reactions to the anesthetic or if you have a weak immune system. If you have a weak immune system your doctor will make sure to administer anti-biotics to you before and after the surgery.The surgeon will also review your Scans and X-rays and determine whether your jawbone can support the dental implants or not.  If not, your doctor will perform a bone augmentation and bone grafting to Increase your jawbone to support the dental implants.

Before the operation you need to make sure to not eat and drink anything 12 hours before the operation. As you will be under general anesthesia.Take a break from work or any activities. You want to take a break from work for a few days to allow yourself to heal after the surgery. And make sure to take a break from doing any exercises. Stock up on soft foods and drinks, as it will be difficult to chew after the surgery. And to get some help with in handling things like driving after the surgery.

Dental implants in Turkey - Free Consultations
Dental implants in Turkey - Free Consultations

What are some possible risks of dental implants?


After any surgery there is always the risk of an infection. This infection will occur on the affected area. This will cause some swelling and causing the implant to feel a little loose. But don’t worry as an infection is rare if you’ve been confirming to the oral health care your doctor instructed you with.

- Injury to surrounding structures

In the operation some minor damage could occur to the surrounding structure such as the teeth or a blood vessel. Albeit this is rare as our doctors are very skilled, and have enough experience under their belt to not make such mistakes. 

Will I have problems after dental implants in the short or long term?

There may be discomfort from the stitches in the first week of this implant in the short term, but for the long term, the bone will grow and the implants will fuse with the bone within a period of a few months. The patient should not have infections in the future.

Is there a difference between cleaning natural and implanted teeth?

It is very important for the teeth to receive more care than the natural ones. In practice, cleaning the implanted teeth is not more difficult than cleaning the natural ones, but sometimes there are areas where the brush is difficult to reach. In these cases, the specialist doctor at Best Clinics (the best clinics in Turkey) provides instructions Help you take better care of your teeth.

Is an implant required for every missing tooth?

In most cases, each tooth needs an implant to support it.

What is the impact of accidents on implanted teeth?

There will be no difference in the impact of accidents on the teeth, whether they are natural or implanted, but if the metal titanium section itself is damaged, the doctor will not be able to repair it, but it is remedied by leaving it, as it is completely safe in the mouth and another implant is placed near the damaged one to replace it.

Best Dental Clinics in Turkey - Smile Design
Best Dental Clinics in Turkey - Smile Design

Is there a possibility that the implant will not fuse with the bone?

Knowing that this is a rare thing


But it is possible, and if something similar happens, the doctor can place an appropriate bridge for the adjacent teeth that have been successfully implanted.

Why is Turkey the destination of many who want dental implants?

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries visited by tourists from all over the world, in addition to its world-famous dental clinics, most of its doctors are highly experienced, and the treatment costs are very low compared to the quality and services provided. The tourist can enjoy a beautiful vacation in addition to getting an attractive mouth appearance at a very reasonable price.

Why should I choose Best Clinics Turkey (the best clinics in Turkey) for Dental Implants?

Best Clinics are the best clinics in Turkey in many respects, the most important of which is the large and wide experience of their doctors, in addition to the latest techniques and tools used by them, as the success rate of dental implants is more than 98%.

However, we provide free consultations and assessment of the situation, in addition to reception services from the airport and hotel reservation services, and we provide a car that accompanies the patient throughout the period of stay in Turkey, accompanied by a translator who is fully fluent in your language and Turkish, which makes your trip to Istanbul a unique and unforgettable experience.

Are dental implants safe? How long can a dental implant last?

Implanted teeth should be taken care of in the same way as natural teeth, but a little more because the method of care is what determines how long the implanted tooth will last, and when all conditions are correct, the tooth can live for 20 years.

Is dental implant painful?

After local anesthesia, the patient will not feel pain during the operation, but there may be some pain in the next week, and it is usually relieved by using ordinary painkillers.

What are the symptoms of dental implant failure?

After a maximum period of 10 days, if there is severe pain while biting or chewing, this may be a sign that the implant has failed, and then you should contact the responsible doctor immediately to avoid infections in the implant area.

What is the cost of dental implants in Turkey?

Prices vary according to the situation and according to the location of the implant and the procedures that must be taken to prepare for the dental implant, but the fees for obtaining a dental implant by a specialized and experienced doctor can save about 70 percent of its wages in another country... You can obtain a free assessment study of the case and a price quote Initially, you contact one of the medical consultants at Best Clinics in Istanbul.

In General it is between 200-1300$ each.

How Many Visits Are Required For Dental Implants In Turkey?

Generally speaking, most patients require between 1-2 visits:

The first visit 

Usually done to implant their teeth and then secure them with temporary crowns. 

That can last anywhere from one day to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly the gums heal after surgery and whether any additional procedures are needed before placement of your final restoration (for example, tooth extraction or bone graft).

A second visit 

 Your doctor can remove the temporary crowns around your new dental implants and replace them with permanent ones (or retainers). 

That process takes about an hour for every three implants placed during surgery, so if you had four implants installed at once, that would mean two hours total—one hour per person necessary for that process.

Dental Implants in Turkey Befre and After Gallery:

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Dental implants in Turkey

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