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Beard transplantation in Turkey

The Full Guide to Beard Transplant in Turkey Istanbul

The urgent need for beard transplantation is evident in many men who want their chin hair to grow but for various reasons have problems with hair growth in this area. Whatever the reasons for beard hair growing, whether religious or formal, the lack of regular growth of the hair has a significant impact on a person's overall appearance and psychological state.

Beard transplantation in Turkey

Table of contents:

-What is a beard transplantation procedure? 

-Who are the candidates for beard transplantation in Turkey?

-Pre-beard transplant procedures.


Beard Transplant in Turkey
Beard Transplant in Turkey

With the popularity of beard growing, the demand for beard transplants has become high, especially in countries such as Turkey. Turkey has paid a lot of attention in the field of medical tourism in recent times, making it a primary destination for such operations for many. Best Clinics for Beauty and Hair Transplant Center is one of the leading centers that offer hair and beard transplant services at the highest levels and in accordance with international quality standards at competitive prices.

What is beard transplantation in Turkey? 

Some men suffer from partial baldness due to irregular growth of hair in the chin area or complete baldness for genetic reasons or as a result of injury in the area.

The idea of beard transplantation is to extract hair follicles from dense hair areas and implant them in the chin area and help their growth for a consistent and beautiful appearance.

There is no doubt that Turkey is a unique and essential destination for such operations, its strategic location as a link between continents and its medical and economic progress made it one of the first countries to offer quality tourism treatment services at affordable prices.

Beard transplantation is one of the processes required today, which is carried out easily and safely according to the latest methods and techniques in Turkish medical centers, the most important of which are best clinics, which we recommend to you as the best medical center in the field of hair transplantation.

Best beard transplant centers in Turkey
Best beard transplant centers in Turkey

Who are the candidates for beard transplantation in Turkey?

-who Sufferers of complete baldness in the chin area.

- In the case of irregular growth of hair, which leads to the appearance of empty areas in the beard.

- Those with a problem of light hair in the chin area.

- In case of hair loss as a result of illness or injury in the chin area.

- Areas of the thick hair in the head must be available in order to extract the follicles from them.

However, it should be stressed that doctors recommend waiting for the age above 25 years to do the operation, due to the natural delay in some cases for hair growth in the chin area up to this age.

The technique of follicular unit extraction is often relied upon to perform beard transplantation for its efficiency and effectiveness. Follicles are extracted from the back of the head and implanted in empty areas of the chin.

This operation does not require complete anesthesia, but is limited to local anesthesia in the donor and receiving area.

Beard transplantation may need several sessions to reach the desired results, which is determined by the size of the empty area and the number of follicles to be implanted.

In addition to the number and efficiency of the medical team supervising the operation. The result takes several months to appear clearly in most cases.

Beard Transplant Best Results!
Beard Transplant Best Results!

Pre-beard transplant procedures:

After the accurate diagnosis of the condition and determine the general health status of the patient, the appropriate treatment procedure is planned in accordance with the patient's needs and expectations. If beard transplantation is the most appropriate procedure, the following procedures should be followed:

- Refrain from smoking or take medications that can adversely affect the process and the expected outcomes.

- Stay away from anxiety, stress and stressful work.

- Identify the means of transport after the operation and ensure the presence of a companion.

It is important to remember the premium all-inclusive packages offered by Best clinics in Turkey. This includes providing a vehicle for transport during treatment with an interpreter who is fluent in the languages of the patient and the Turkish language.

How much is a beard transplant in Turkey?

The cost of beard transplants in Turkey starts from 1400$ at Turkey Best Clinics. Contact us now via WHAT'S APP on 00905538908232 to get an evaluation to your case in addition to the best price offers in Turkey.

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Beard transplantation in Turkey

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