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اطباء عيادات بيست كلينيك في تركيا

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البروفيسور د. مراد بولات

جراحة تجميلية

Dr Murat Polat was born in Konya in 1978. After completing primary, secondary, and high school in Konya, Dr. Murat Polat entered GATA medical school in 1996. Dr. Murat Polatstarted to work as a Medical Lieutenant in 2002. Between 2003-2005, He completed my service to a shortage in Kütahya Air Private Training Command. Between 2005-2011, Dr. Murat Polat worked as a residency student in the Ankara GATA Department of Plastic, Aesthetic, and Reconstructive Surgery. In 2011, He was appointed as the Chief of Plastic Surgery Clinic at Izmir Military Hospital.

DR. MURAT POLAT’S EXPERIENCEConsultant, Ankara GATA Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, 2011Senior Consultant, İzmir Military HospitalConsultant, Konya Private Farabi Hospital, 2014Under health directorate of Kütahya Air Special Education Command, 2005Consultant, Harem Deluxe Clinic

العمليات التي أجراها الدكتور

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